Sunday, December 12, 2010

Knitting Project

Happy Holiday Season Everyone! Last weekend we decorated the exterior of our home, set up the Christmas Tree for my mom at the Nursing Home and attended an annual Holiday Party put on by the company my husband works for. This weekend I have officially started my Christmas shopping, set up our Christmas Tree, signed the Christmas Cards, and my husband played Santa for the Children's Christmas Party, again at his office. This will be his last year playing Santa for the children as he will be losing his job in February. Yes, this is something he already knows ... long story ...

I am so far behind in my crafting that I may never get caught up! Our December calendar still has no photo on the decorative paper and I need to make up a couple of cards/tags for the upcoming week. I did complete a cowl that I starting knitting at the beginning of October. I only have a photo of the "in-process" project. I will need to get a photo of the finished product so you can compare! Next I will be starting a helmet liner for John to wear when he's snowblowing. I've already told him he may get it for next year since I am such a slow knitter! LOL I think he's okay with that. :)

Hopefully I'll have more crafty-goodness to share with you next weekend. But for now we have a very busy week ahead. We're taking our cat to a specialist tomorrow to hopefully determine why he keeps pulling his fur out, Tuesday I have a Yankee Swap at work, Thursday I am meeting my mom at the mall for our annual shopping trip, and Sunday is our family Christmas Party. I'm exhausted just thinking about what the upcoming week holds.

I hope your week is a bit less hectic than mine will be! LOL


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