Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Evening! I bet you've been wondering what happened to me, huh? I haven't posted in the last couple of weeks simply because I haven't had anything to share. I've been so busy working and celebrating birthday's that I haven't spent any time in the craft room.

Last weekend was my husband's birthday. Unfortunately I had to spend some time working but Sunday night we went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH. They were, quite simply, amazing to see in concert!! John described it as "intense" and he was absolutely correct. I was so energized when we got home that I didn't sleep very well and 5:30am comes pretty early when you go to bed after midnight.

Regardless I managed to get through the week without too many issues. I did spend some time this weekend simply relaxing and sleeping. I think I needed to catch up on the sleep! Now I'm really looking forward to a three-day work week. Yippee!!

Perhaps I'll have something crafty to share with you next week. I'm also hoping to see the movie 'New Moon' next weekend. Have you seen it yet? What did you think? I'd be curious to know if you liked it or not.

So until next weekend, have a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween & Other Fun Stuff

Happy November to you all! I cannot believe how quickly this year is slipping by. I remember as a child thinking it took forever for summer vacation to come around. And then once school started again it took forever before Christmas break. Now as an adult it seems like I just finished shopping for last years gifts and here we are beginning to discuss what to get everyone this year. It's crazy!

Last night was Halloween here and we had fun giving out candy to all the little goblins! Here are a couple of pictures of our Halloween decorations. We purchased foam pumpkins a couple of years ago and carved a Haunted House in one and a Bat in the other one. This really makes so much economical sense to me!

John found these cute Ghost lights in the basement with some of the other decorations. They look so cute on our raised wall.

Now onto some papercraft pictures. I had mentioned in a previous post that I made a Memory Book for my sister after our summer vacation. Well I finally finished it and got some cool pictures with my husbands new DSL camera. Here is a picture of the front:

And here are two shots of the inside. I made all the pages identical but chose to only photograph two. I didn't want to put pictures of other peoples children on my blog. Some people are very particular about putting their children's photos on the internet and I really don't blame them. So to keep everyone happy I chose to share a picture of myself and my dog. Besides you really can't see me too well in the photo! LOL

If you want to see the photo's better you can click on them to make them larger.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful week!