Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Snow & More Snow

Given the crazy winter storm we are having, it has been snowing ALL DAY today, and is expected to continue ALL DAY tomorrow as well, I thought I would share my latest knitting project. Back in December I received an email with a nice photo of a hat with ear flaps. You know the kind, right? So I asked my husband if he might like something like that to stay warm when clearing the snow. He jumped at the offer! So off to the LYS we go to get some yarn. While speaking to the owner she suggested that we consider a ski mask instead to keep more of his face and neck warm. She gave me the free pattern for a helmet liner and I was off and running.

Here is the end result ...

And the best part ... my husband LOVES it! Unfortunately he has used it twice now and it will be put to the test again tomorrow but it keeps him warm and toasty! YEAH!!
I learned several new techniques; knitting in the round, wrap and turn, and picking up stitches. It took me a full 30 days to knit it and a few trips to the LYS to get my questions answered but overall it was a very enjoyable project.
Since finishing the ski mask for John, I have begun a scarf for my sister. I'm not liking the yarn, it's very difficult to knit with, but I'm determine to stick with it. I'll show you a photo soon.
Hoping you all stay warm and enjoy the snow!