Sunday, June 13, 2010

June Calendar Picture

Well it's a been a rainy weekend here in the North East. Unfortunately I had a ton of outdoor things to get accomplished this weekend and none, not one single task, got marked off the 'to-do' list. Oh well ... there's always next weekend ... right?

The months of April and May went by without me taking the time to scrap a page on my calendar. I was determined to change that for June. Back in the March/April timeframe my dh and I decided we wanted to figure out how to use our new camera. What better way than to walk on some of the conservation trails in town! This photo was one of the ones we took and I think it looks perfect with the June background.

I already know what I want to photograph for the July page. Now I just have to get some sunshine and the time to frame the shot. After that I'm all set since all the other months are already done!

That's it for today. I wish you all a wonderfully happy week.

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