Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter & Birthday Cards

Happy Easter! Did you have an enjoyable day? Hopefully you were able to spend the day with family, friends and loved ones. Are you in a sugar coma now?! LOL We spent the weekend enjoying some unseasonably warm weather here in the North East. It has been wonderful!

Yesterday was the birthday for a friends twins. They turned 5 and I am still in shock that they are that old already!! On our last trip to the LSS I came across a card kit by Basic Grey. It contained everything needed to put together 8 cards. I figured it might be fun to have some kids cards so easily available and besides, they're kids, they don't really care if I hand make them a card, right? :)

Here is Joshua's card. It has a bit of a glare on it but it was the best picture my hubby could get on short notice.

And here is Abbey's card. Aren't they cute? I hope they like them.

Yesterday my hubby and I went for a walk on a local hiking and biking trail through some conversation land near our house. It was a nice chance to get to use our camera. Now I just need to figure out how to use Paint Shop Pro a little better and then I should be able to print off some of the better pictures. Maybe I'll even share one or two with you here.

Until later ... have an enjoyable week.


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